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Content Analysis - Best Way of Communication:

Content analysis is one of the most important methods of communication research for Advanced Technology. It is unique communication study and one of the most important research techniques in social science. The broad purpose of technology content analysis is to analyses data within a given context in view of the meaning given to them. Most research techniques are concerned with observing the consumers stimuli and resistances, describing the behaviors, differentiating individual characteristics, quantifying social variables and thus testing hypothesis. Content analysis upon the other hand is outside the physical vehicle of communication and analyses the symbolic qualities of the content to trace the antecedents, correlates or sequences of communication and therefore, making the unobserved context of data more certain.

Barnard Berenson describes content analysis as scientific description of the content of communication. In this regard, the often-referred formula is Harold Lass wells formula: who says what to whom in what channel with what effect? Accordingly, content analysis answers the ask about WHAT i.e. the content of the channel. In other words, content analysis can be called message analysis. But content analysis does not confine itself to the content of the media use for the promotion of Advanced Technology . It also deals with the other questions of lass wells formula namely who, whom, channel, and effects.

Content analysis also encompasses other communicative circumstances and context such as psychological conditions institutional and cultural variable. Content analysis became popular during the Second World War when intelligence units upon both the sides monitored the broadcasts upon radio. Analysis of the content of the broadcasts helped to monitor the movement of the troops of the enemies. For example, it was possible to trace the movement of German troops in occupied by studying the popular music played over radio stations in particular areas. If a radio station suddenly changed to music that appealed to German soldiers it was concluded that Germans have occupied the areas. The American agencies have broken the secret code of Japanese transmission and thus were able to provide useful information to the fighting troops.

After the war the procedures for analyzing the content of the newspaper, radio, cinema, and television broadcast and indeed, any form of communication were more completely developed. Today content analysis is a set of systematic and objective procedures for the quantitative study of message, from telephone gossip to religious scriptures. Textbooks, novels, slogans, election manifestos, advertisements, speeches, procedures of the researches etc. are some of the subject matter of content analysis. It is mainly a tool of research, which can reveal the hidden messages of the content that media are presenting to the audience. All steps involved in the use of scientific analysis research of Advanced Technology are followed in content analysis. The research subject is selected, objectives designed, information about the topic collected, objectives made, data processed and analyzed, conclusions derived and results reported.

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