Ad Campaigns

Know Your Audience

The first step in a successful conversion optimization strategy is research. Examine data from Web analytic in order to see who typically visits you, how they acquire to you and how they navigate within your site. With this data you can make personas based on your prototypical visitors in order to view your website through their eyes.

Remember, its not about what you think works, its about what actually works, and analytic data helps you to target your actual customers, not just those you think are your customers.

Now that you know your audience, you need to decide your goals for them. Define a conversion based on your site and its purpose selling a product, generating leads, customer service, etc. Plot out the step-by-step path to conversion and make a sales funnel so you can see where your customers are dropping off.

What Next?
  • Pay Per Click Adverting (PPC)
  • Google Adwords/Facebook Ads
  • Website Banner Advertising
  • Email Campaigns,Targeted Lead Generation

Facebook, Google,Yahoo/Bing, MyAds

PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising is design to help the website owner quickly promote their site in thousands of website networks. Where your targeted clients can see Text/Image Ads on many websites at the same time and may click and join if they like your Services/Products.

Facebook, Google Adwords Network.
Display ads to targetted Customers only.
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Banner Ads on Top Websites

Banner Advertising

Put your Flash/Image banner advertises on top websites where you will get high number of targeted visitors (customers) for better promotion to your offers or Services/Products at very low cost.
Flash/Image Banners in Better Size.
Banner on Guranteed PR1+ Website.
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Group Mailing to Targeted Customer

Email Campaigns

Group Mailing to thousands of targeted customers and follow up to their response for better sales generation with the help of fresh leads.
Group Mailing to Fresh Emails.
Response will forward to your Sales!
Spam Free Email Campaigns Promotion!
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The Best Control Panel


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