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VPS Plan Comparision

Starting At
  • 2 CORES
  • 1GB RAM/ 1GB vSwap
  • 50GB RAID10 SSD Space
  • 1TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • IPv4 Address: 1, IPv6: Available
  • Full Root Access
  • 24x7 Tech Support
Starting At
  • 4 CORES
  • 3GB RAM/ 3GB vSwap
  • 120GB RAID10 SSD Space
  • 3TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • IPv4 Address: 1, IPv6: Available
  • Full Root Access
  • 24X7 Tech Support
Starting At
  • 4 CORES
  • 4GB RAM/ 4GB vSwap
  • 150GB RAID10 SSD Space
  • 4TB Monthly Bandwidth
  • IPv4 Address: 1, IPv6: Available
  • Full Root Access
  • 24X7 Tech Support

why choose us


Powered by Cisco, a Firewall will filter all incoming server traffic to your exact requirements. It will also stop malicious requests and deflect concerted hacking attempts before they can cause harm.

Bug Fixing & Security

All of our Servers are deployed with the latest Operating System software and all security patches.

Data Analysis

We can assist you with configuring analytics tools on your website such as Google analytics, so that you can view information about your visitors and assist you in making advertising decisions.

Data Protection

All of our servers are available with Hardware or Software RAID for data protection with server firewall. We offer 100% Uptime Guarantee on Network, Power & Cooling. With our Fully Managed services we provide assistance with all your technical needs 24x7x365 which is bundled with our 24x7 Human Synapse Monitoring of your servers and a fully knowledge abuse/security team.

24 x 7 Technical Support

We provide support for hardware issues, network issues and anything relating to the host machine. We will also help to reboot, reformat, and reload your operating system as per your request via support ticket.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Your website and applications are essential when it comes to the success of your business. We know that if your network or servers are down, you are losing revenue and opportunities. Thats why we created our aggressive 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all of our dedicated servers.

Multi-Channel Support

Open support ticket or contact us if you have any quereis before placing order via multiple channel as Help Desk Portal, Email, Social Media (Facebook/Twitter), Live Chat.

Technical Service

Web hosting Experts are available 24/7/365 to answer all of you questions.


The Web Hosting accounts (also known as Shared Hosting) are the lowest cost, easiest to manage. and quickest to setup since INSIGHT maintains the web hosting environment and servers for you. On the Web Hosting plans you can access just your specific files and directories within your web account. This means you do not have to worry about configuring the web server or modules such as php for your account to work - but it also means you can not customize the web server or add specific software beyond what is already provided by us.

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) gives you a pre-built ready to run system with the optimized apache web server supporting the latest php, and MySQL database system with an easy to use management system. The VPS has the highest level of security, provided by a custom firewall and it's isolated system much like a dedicated server. In addition, the VPS provides full root system access so you can add additional web accounts, users, domain names, and compile your own custom software such as new versions of apache or php. With the VPS you get a guaranteed minimum amount of system resources instead of just plain sharing resources on a shared account - which provides much higher performance.

Most control panels have built in control panel to control panel migration tools that you can take advantage of. We also offers free migration assistance where we can do the transition for you.

Below is step-by-step proceedure to ensure a successful migration:

1. Start migrating accounts over from your old server to your server with us.

2. Once all accounts have been moved, ensure data integrity and consistancy.

3. Though this step is optional, we recommend that you have your service secured and optimized before making your sites live.

4. Change your DNS of your domains OR change the IP addresses of the current name servers assigned to your domains to IP addresses that reside on your service with us.

To change your hostname, enter the following command as root:

$ hostname

If you are using cPanel, you will need to resync your license with the cPanel license server. To do this, use the following command:

$ /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt

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